Pieri: excellence in end of line solution also according to Siemens

Pieri: excellence in end of line solution also according to Siemens

In the new topic of its magazine, Siemens has dedicated an article to Pieri srl.

For a long time Siemens, alongside all customers and suppliers, has been defining new paths in the digital transformation of the industry.
It is for this reason that we are honored that Siemens, a Pieri partner for many years, has dedicated an entire article to the company in its magazine “Innovation Leader for Packaging Leaders – Case History 2021“.

Here is the extract of the article:

“A historic company based in Cesena, since 1973 Pieri has specialized in lines for wrapping and handling loads on pallets.
Sauro Pieri’s determination has led to the creation of excellent, innovative and highly customized end-of-line solutions.
From semi-automatic wrapping machines to today’s automated systems and integrated turnkey plants, the evolution of PIERI machines has reached over 1,400 active customers in 80 countries.
An example of excellence is the AVR 400 FLEXA wrapping machine, an automatic ring machine for palletized loads: flexible, reliable, with high productivity and particularly suitable for lines with automatic warehouses, LGVs and AGVs. AVR 400 FLEXA.
Thanks to its productive characteristics, it guarantees results even on loads that are not very stable and with complex shapes; in fact, film start and closure can take place at any height.
Special winding cycles are also available, such as the independent winding of two overlapping pallets.
The Siemens platform, chosen because it is a guarantee of reliability, has made it possible to integrate all the machine electronics thanks to the PROFINET network.
The S7-1200 PLC and G120C inverters, which guarantee the precision and quality of the results of the AVR 400 FLEXA, benefit from fully integrated programming and diagnostics through a single tool, the TIA PORTAL.”

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