About us

Pieri is a well-known Italian company specialised in designing and manufacturing highly customised lines for wrapping and conveying palletised loads.

Every day our staff work tirelessly to produce machines that guarantee the greatest possible protection and safety for goods when being handled, transported, stored and distributed, preventing damage and making sure the product and its packaging reach their destination intact.

The company was established in Cesena in 1973, thanks to Sauro Pieri’s determination to develop top-performance, innovative, end-of-line solutions that met the customer’s space, time and product (and its packaging) needs.

This same drive has accompanied the company for 40 years and has enabled it to grow and evolve with the market, coming up with cutting-edge projects using innovative criteria, providing new solutions for new needs, solving problems in different sectors and offering high-performance products.

The close relationship between market demands and new solutions has guided the company throughout its historical and technical growth, as it evolved from manufacturing semi-automatic wrapping machines to producing fully automatic systems and integrated turnkey plants.

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A history of innovation

Throughout its history, Pieri has developed three different types of wrapping machines:


Turntable: the first Pieri wrapping machine – launched at Macfrut in 1980 – which gave excellent returns and extraordinary results from the outset. To date it is still the most suitable wrapping machine for companies with limited space and medium productivity.


Rotating arm: Pieri broadened its wrapping machine range, producing its first rotating arm machine. Its speed and product stability were a real innovation at the time.


Rotating ring: we were one of the first companies in the sector to introduce this new wrapping concept, producing machines which offer the perfect combination of speed and flexibility. The rotating ring has become the wrapping machine which best meets the demands of an ever-growing market and increasingly specific protection requirements.

With three different ranges of wrapping machines available in 15 different models, we are able to come up with the most suitable solution for all our customers’ needs.


In 2008 we revolutionised our sales department, involving our technical design staff in the initial quotation process. This signalled the beginning of the fourth stage in our history, introducing new responsibility and commitment into our everyday work, building a relationship of trust with our customers and guiding them through every stage of the project.


In 2016 we opened our doors to our partners, dealers and agents with PIERI OPENHOUSE 2016. It was a great opportunity to meet up with our external sales network and share our plans for the future.

People who shape machines, machines that shape the future

The men and women at Pieri are passionate about their work and all share the same goal: to find the best solution for our customers. To do this, we have organised our departments in such a way that everything we think and, more importantly, do is customer-driven, something that sets us significantly apart from our competitors.

Thanks to the experience and know-how of our technical department, we are able to start working on possible solutions immediately after the initial contact with the customer. Giving them all-round assistance – from the feasibility study to the actual design – to help them choose the right machine or complete system for their needs.


Our technical team, with its highly specialised experience and expertise, guarantees the consistently high-quality standards of our machines both during production and after delivery.

All our machines undergo a Factory Acceptance Test, where our technical staff use the customer’s products and the stretch film he has chosen to assess the machine’s performance.

After passing the FAT, they then follow the machine to the customer’s premises where they conduct a Site Acceptance Test, where the machine is started up to check it works perfectly.

We are what we were, and we will never change

We have always been customer-oriented. Which means directing our vision, and therefore our attention, towards what the customer wants. Because no one knows what they need better than our customers, and no one knows the most suitable product for their specific need better than us. Our quest for continuous improvement is more than just a value, it is like a second skin that changes with the market and its many developments and enables us to make forecasts and choices which anticipate customer demands and deliver solutions.

None of this would be possible without the team spirit that exists in each of our departments and connects them, so they can share expertise and targets met. Each of the professional figures in our company brings something to the table, creating a wealth of know-how that inspires us to come up with solutions that combine all this knowledge and allow us to constantly innovate, delivering complete, precise and consistently cutting-edge machines.

All this culminates in our guarantee to our customers: value over time.

Any doubt? We’re here to help.

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