4 product ranges, 15 models: wrapping solutions that guarantee maximum protection

We manufacture complete end-of-line systems consisting of a wrapping machine and conveying system.

Starting from the basic models in the 4 ranges of wrapping machines and 15 models, we can design a wide range of personalised solutions, creating a machine-device composition and conveying system which meets our customers’ specific need. After designing a preliminary configuration, we develop a solution which guarantees maximum protection for our customer’s products and maximum adaptability to future evolutions in their line.

We are unique in that we can provide end-of-line solutions which offer not only load wrapping but also conveying systems to move it within the work area.

Every Pieri machine is a turnkey, ready-to-use solution.

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Wrapping machines

Our machines are designed to adapt to the customer’s type of packaging and level of productivity.  They provide maximum protection and safety for all kinds of goods and maximum efficiency at all operational levels.


Conveying systems

Customised conveying systems to meet all customer requirements and to ensure all products are conveyed safely and efficiently.

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How we design solution

The stage in the production process when we create the ideal end-of-line product for our customers.  In this presales stage, we formulate a preliminary design of the kind of machine and conveying system we recommend, based on the customer’s specific needs and available space.



We guarantee continuous assistance and upgrade services for all our products. Our after-sales service ensures our customers’ machines perform to the highest standards at all times and can change and evolve with the needs of their company.

Any doubt? We’re here to help.

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