Conveying systems


Pieri designs and builds wrapping lines; our ongoing research and development has enabled us to develop high-performance solutions which meet the needs of modern industrial systems. We also supply reliable and technologically advanced conveying systems. Our machines are practical, configurable and versatile, all qualities they need to survive on a competitive and continually evolving market.






Roller and chain conveyors to automatically handle pallets. Available in different heights and sizes. All Pieri conveying systems are controlled by an inverter to ensure the palletised load moves smoothly and continuously.



The turntable station allows the 90° exit of the palletised loads without changing the pallet orientation in the transport direction.

It consists of a roller or chain conveyor which rotates on itself and it offers two types of movement: rotation and forward movement.



The roller/chain exchanger allows the 90° exit of the palletised loads to change the pallet orientation in the transport direction, moving from a roller conveying system to a chain system, or vice versa.



The shuttle is a pallet conveying system on rails which is ideal for lines with several loading/unloading stations which are reached at high speed, optimising the output and efficiency of the line. This system will be installed within a protective fences and light barriers area.



This device stacks two pallets using retractable forks. It can be positioned to the side of the conveying line either before or after the wrapping machine, depending on the customer’s requirements. Available for empty pallet and palletized loads.



The empty pallet dispenser has a dual function: it stores empty pallets and conveys them to the production line. The operator stores the empty pallets in the warehouse and the automatic device, which has its own conveyor, dispenses the pallet to the line to receive the product. Capacity of up to 12 empty pallets.

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