When a Pieri wrapping machine leaves our factory for delivery to a customer, our after-sales team goes into action to ensure the line operates perfectly and the high-quality standards that are synonymous with our machines are maintained.

“InStarTrain” service

Our first after-sales service begins when the machine is delivered to the customer. InStarTrain offers three basic services – installation, start-up and training – and is carried out by our highly specialised technical staff who monitor the machine as it is assembled, moved into position in the plant and installed.

The machine is then started up with the products it will use in the end-of-line system. This is when the different programmes that will be used to wrap and convey the different products are set (start-up).

The final stage of the InStarTrain service is to train the people who will be working with the machine. During the training session, the operators are given all the information, advice and best practices they will need to use the machine correctly and, if necessary, solve any problems on their own.

The InStarTrain service:

  • lays the groundwork for faultless operation of the line
  • guarantees a long life cycle for the machine
  • form the staff that will work with the machine
  • verifies the full functionality of the system

After the InStarTrain, the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) is carried out. This test allows us to check the machine has been installed correctly and works properly in the customer’s line.
Conducting this test some time after installation is further guarantee of the quality of our wrapping machines.

The aim of the SAT is to make sure the machine we have built meets both the quality and operational criteria established with the customer when defining the project.


Help Desk

Our Help Desk is available in different languages and can be contacted by email, telephone, WhatsApp or through our website. It is a special service that provides mechanical, electrical and IT assistance for our machines.

Our Help Desk staff are on hand to give highly specialised answers to your queries and are constantly updated on the issues that may arise during the product’s life span, so they are prepared to deal with and solve any problems.


The Help Desk provides our customers with answers to their technical operational problems but also enables us to monitor our machines, providing important input for our research and development department.  It also means we are able to continuously improve our products and services and meet the needs of our customers and the sectors they work in.

Spare parts, upgrades and check-ups

Pieri offers a spare parts and upgrade service for the duration of the life of its wrapping machines. It is run by technical experts who are specialised in analysing, assessing and replacing worn parts or upgrading machines to keep up with evolutions in the line.

When replacing parts, our staff may visit the customer to check machine status before drawing up an accurate and optimised quotation of the work needed.

During the machine’s life, worn parts that are no longer in warranty are inspected by our technical staff during special site visits and suggestions made to replace the parts and upgrade the machine.

Ordering spare parts is a lot easier thanks to the machine manual which gives technical details of each item.


The upgrade service is aimed at enhancing the performance of your machine to match the evolution of your company’s processes and at meeting any new end-of-line needs.

Upon the customer’s request, we can carry out check-ups which enable the company to monitor the wear and tear of its machine throughout its life cycle and schedule maintenance which will prevent having to replace parts in the future.

Thanks to our check-up and upgrade services, it is possible to prolong the lives of our machines, optimising them so they can adjust to the company’s growth and keep up with evolving market demands.

Any doubt? We’re here to help.

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