Wrapping machines are a prerequisite for correctly covering a product through the use of stretch film.

They allow, in fact, its easy handling, locking in case of instability on pallets and protection from atmospheric agents.

It is essential, for customers who want to consider the adoption of a pallet wrapping machine, to have detailed information that can guide to a conscious purchase.

First of all it is necessary to identify the type of work it has to do.
In general, it is possible to opt for a semi-automatic machine when moderate productivity is required, while an automatic machine is the optimal choice for already automated lines.

macchine per imballaggio
macchine per imballaggio su pallet

The automatic wrapping machines are characterized by a completely autonomous operation.

The automatic wrapping machine must be protected with perimeter safety guards, as required by law, in order to protect the operator while the cycle is in progress.

Semi-automatic wrapping machines, instead, are characterized by the versatility of use in any condition the customer has to operate.

Those signed Pieri are arm wrapping machines, able to guarantee really high manufacturing standards.

The semi-automatic solution with rotating arm adapts to the customer’s needs, is highly customizable and complies with the safety requirements imposed by current regulations.

It is the result of a careful and in-depth study of the market, and is able to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, who can thus benefit from a quality without equal within the reference sector.

Discover the entire range of Pieri wrapping machines

Our products are highly reliable, safe and innovative.

Our wrapping machines are designed and built using cutting-edge technology, one of the cornerstones of the company’s mission.

Our proven experience and the passion we put into everything we do make them unique and highly competitive in all aspects.

All our products undergo regular testing to ensure the highest possible quality standards and to meet our customers’ requirements.

Quality testing of wrapping machines: passed

Pieri wrapping machines are 100% Made in Italy:
they are studied in our research and development offices, designed in our technical department and built entirely in our factory (in Cesena).


All our products undergo two fundamental tests which enable us to maintain the high Pieri standards our customers are used to: our Factory Acceptance Test and Site Acceptance Test.


For the FAT, which is carried out on our premises, we use the customer’s products and film to check the machine is working perfectly.


The SAT is a test all our wrapping machines undergo at our customer’s premises and is conducted by our specialised technical team.

Macchine per imballaggio
Wrapping Machines

A history of high-performance wrapping machines

The first Pieri wrapping machine was the turntable, designed to give the market a new technically advanced product that would ensure not only maximum safety of the load but also high-performance wrapping.

From then onwards, the first stage in the project has always been technological research and in-depth analysis of the latest market demands. This ensures our products are both hi-tech and highly configurable.

Our wrapping machines are exceptionally strong and versatile and provide our customers with the most suitable product for their specific end-of-line needs.
They are designed to change and evolve with the needs of their company.

We offer three technologies customised to your needs for maximum load protection.


Pieri’s wrapping machines are divided into 4 ranges with a total of 15 models which are all highly customisable:


The product range also includes conveying systems, special machines and configuration devices.


Since 1973 we have had the honour of working with over 4000 customers:

  • leaders in the food and beverage sector;
  • paper, corrugated cardboard and tissue multinationals;
  • leading logistics companies;
  • international pharmaceutical brands.

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