Reducing packaging cost

It is possible to reduce packaging costs with a PIERI PEM-Duo electronic pre-stretch carriage

PIERI’s main goal has always been providing customers with an efficient and expert support right from initial analysis and project creation. It deeply cares customers and their products, and protects them with its end-of-line solutions.

It provides new solutions paying attention down to the finest technical and performance details, and just thanks to this attention to details it has been able to successfully emerge. Its 40-year experience teaches that a detail can make the difference and that optimization is the result of small steps.

Today, PIERI focuses on a particularly important device, its pre-stretch film carriage: the core of its machines.

PIERI PEM-Duo electronic pre-stretch carriage enables pre-stretching extensible film that wraps and protects palletized products. “Film pre-stretching” means stretching the film exploiting the elasticity of the plastic material. Film saving and better load compensation will follow.

PIERI PEM-Duo is the evolution of the concept of pre-stretch, a carriage featuring variable pre- stretch, settable by touch screen panel, and top-performance pre-stretch percentage equal to 500%. Moreover, it also ensures load compensation with variable containment force on multiple pallet levels by applying on the product optimal force and it also allows you to use the
maximum possible pre-stretch for each type of product.

For excellent wrapping results and high performances, it is important to remember that careful selection of extensible film to use is necessary with high percentage of stretching.

How to reduce packaging cost? Many brands of the pet food sector choose PIERI solutions, synonymous with high performance and optimization of film consumption.

With capacity of 120 pallet/h (403,200 pallet/year) with a PIERI wrapping machine provided with the electronic pre- stretch PIERI PEM-Duo carriage, it is possible to save 28,000 Kg/film a year, worth up to €26,000 saving a year.

PIERI PEM-Duo is available for all PIERI wrapping machines. Start reducing your packaging costs and invest in PIERI PEM-Duo electronic pre-stretch carriage.


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