Automatic and semiautomatic wrapping machine - SILVER ONE



SILVER ONE is a Pieri’s automatic and semiautomatic arm machine. The automatic version is a new machine that can perfectly fit in a fully automatic wrapping production line. In the semiau­tomatic configuration, it is a stand-alone system, and it represents the perfect solu­tion for pallets with unstable loads. As standard equipment:

  • Carriage with electromagnetic friction provided with adjustable contrai panel;
  • Automatic cutting device, which allows the automatic film ending of the wrap­ping cycle.

As an option:

  • Motorized pre-stretch film camage mod. MS-Pro;
  • Cutting and sealing device. The clamp unit allows the automatic ending, cut­ting, and sealing the pre-stretch film at the end of the wrapping cycle;
  • ecoMATRIX the patented tuck-in device for threading the film tali inside the last wrap.

Dati tecnici

Technical data

Standard cycle Up to 20 p/h
Rotation speed Up to 15 rpm
Pallet dimensions*
Min. LxW 800x600 mm
Max. LxW 1000x1200 mm
Min. load height 500 mm
Max. load height 2100 mm
*Available for non-standard pallet and load dimensions



Componenti opzionali

Optional components

  • Top press plate

    The top press plate exerts pressure on the palletised load to keep it stable during wrapping.
    Specially designed for wrapping machine loads, it is available in a pneumatic or electromechanical pantograph version.

  • Pallet lifter

    This device lifts the pallet during wrapping cycle, in this way the film covers both: the load and part or all of the wooden pallet.

  • Roping device

    As the name suggests, the roping system on the carriage reduces the width of the film until a rope is created, increasing load stability and securing the product to the pallet.

  • In-line top sheet applicator STF203

    This automatic device, positioned before the wrapping machine, covers the top of the palletised load with a polyethylene film, protecting it from dust. The film is cold cut by a pneumatically powered blade. The amount of film to place on the load is automatically calculated by a photocell, ensuring optimal consumption.

  • Electronic pre-stretch carriage with two motors – mod. PEM-Duo

    Electronic spool carriage with variable pre-stretching driven by two motors controlled by an inverter.

    The pre-stretch percentage can be set from the electrical control panel (minimum 120% – maximum 450%) by adjusting the speeds of the motors installed on the carriage separately. This takes full advantage of the characteristics of the film, with a significant reduction in the amount used.

    It is also possible to set different pre-stretch percentages for each programme and wrapping cycle, ensuring maximum stability of the palletised load.

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