Packaging: why it is so important

Packaging is a critical factor for success in marketing: it makes it possible to increase sales, relying on consumer emotion.

First of all it allows to differentiate a brand from the competition.

There are hundreds of products in a supermarket, so many as to make it difficult for consumers to choose. According to some studies, about a third of its decision-making is based exclusively on the product packaging. Design is therefore relevant for a brand, and must be attractive and different from that offered by competitors in the same sector of reference.

Even the colors used in the packaging play a key role in purchasing decisions. Suffice it to say that the brain reacts to colors in different ways, and each of them conveys an emotion.

Blue transmits security, while white is simplicity and purity.

Furthermore, the packaging of the product can be a marketing tool that transmits important information, such as the name of the brand so that it is recognizable and news on the ingredients and product warnings.

It ultimately creates brand recognition, making it memorable.

Pieri packaging machines: all the benefits for packaging that is nothing short of perfect!

Given the importance of packaging, it is normal for a company to focus on machinery that can better support the product packaging phase.
There are in fact various benefits deriving from a good packaging phase, and they are essentially 7:

  1. Product protection
    When using the right machine for wrapping, there is the certainty that the goods are wrapped securely to avoid damage from dirt, dust and moisture
  2. Save valuable time
    By investing in a packaging machine, you can save a lot of time. In fact, manually wrapping pallets, boxes and other products can be tedious and require a lot of patience. The packaging of goods through an automatic winder can avoid efforts that can be used in other business processes.
  3. Savings on film costs
    Compared to hand packaging, semiautomatic and automatic wrapping machines save money at the high cost of the film.
  4. Faster packaging
    A wrapping machine allows rapid packaging of any type of product. Pieri machines, available for any type of requirement, are able to best support all the companies that require their use.
  5. Efficient product wrapping
    When using an automatic winding system it is possible to standardize the process, obtaining uniform pallets that meet all company requirements. With a hand wrapping it will be more difficult to obtain pallets of this type.
  6. Increased productivity
    An automatic wrapping machine will wrap your business on the road to efficiency. Operators will be able to work better and faster, supported by a machine that can really make a difference.
  7. Lower number of returns
    Thanks to the use of wrapping machines, the products will be protected more effectively, drastically reducing the number of returns due to accidental breakage during transport.

Packaging machines: all the benefits for your company

The advantages of owning a wrapping machine, despite the costs of the initial investment, occur at different levels.

In the first place, there is the possibility of having quality packaging, thanks to the machines it will be possible to have uniform and well packaged packages.

There is also the issue of the safety of its employees: in fact, the machines reduce the risk of accidents related to the handling of heavy loads and repetitive gestures that require effort. Pallet processing will also be faster than manual wrapping.

Finally, there is more space in the warehouse, thanks to its better organization caused by the use of these machines.

Are you still doubtful about adopting this technology for your business?
Pieri srl has wrapping machines of all types and for every type of need.

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