film estensibile

Stretch wrap for packaging: characteristics and main advantages

Stretch wrap, also called stretch film, is a plastic film mainly used for packing loads on pallets.

It was first marketed in the 70s, but only in 1975 was it produced on an industrial scale thanks to the use of melt blown technology.

Since 1977, the use of stretch wrap on palletised units has become the most popular packaging system, thanks to a series of advantages and its extreme ease of use.

film estensibile

The main advantages of using stretch wrap include:

  1. greater load stability;
  2. extreme simplicity of use;
  3. the load on the pallet is not damaged during its transportation;
  4. cost reduction for secondary packaging;
  5. versatility: it adapts to any surface, even the most irregular ones.

It is commercially available in two main types: transparent or coloured.

The use of transparent stretch film is suitable to make identifying the content of the pallets easier or for a quicker scan of bar codes.

On the other hand, the coloured stretch film is mainly used to differentiate the contents of the pallet and identify it immediately during the transportation.

In addition to improving the logistics and increasing the pallet degree of tightening, that is, its overall compactness, the stretch film also respects the environment, as you use less material for packaging the pallets.

Besides, you will also have significant cost savings if you use it.

Last but not least, you can rest assured your packed load does not risk being perforated, thus damaging the goods.

Combined with one of Pieri wrapping machines you will have perfectly packed loads ready to reach any destination. Unbelievable, right? See for yourself.

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