Rotary arm wrapper: which one to choose?

The rotating arm pallet wrapper is one of the most widely used types of pallet wrapper in the logistics sector for packing and stabilising palletised goods for storage or transport.

This particular pallet wrapper can be used for both light and heavy loads, especially unstable loads, as its advantage is that it can wrap a pallet without having to move it. It is in fact the rotating arm that rotates and extends the film around the palletised load, optimising the packaging of the goods.

This characteristic makes the rotating arm wrapper one of the most used solutions in the end-of-line, in all its different types: semi-automatic, automatic, double rotating arm.

Let’s analyse them together to see which one is most suitable for your warehouse.

Operation of a Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

As the name suggests, a rotary arm stretch wrapper is a machine equipped with a special mechanical “arm” capable of rotating around a load to package it using stretch film.

The rotating arm is equipped with a reel holder carriage that, as it revolves around the merchandise, stretches and extends the film from bottom to top and vice versa until the entire unit is covered, making it more stable and protected.

The unique feature of the rotary arm wrapper is that the load remains stationary and immobile during the wrapping process.

This makes the machine particularly suitable for packaging very lightweight and unstable goods, which could risk tipping over if moved or rotated on itself, as would happen with a pallet wrapper with a rotating table.

On the other hand, the rotary arm wrapper is the top choice when it comes to packaging very large or heavy loads that cannot be lifted or placed on the table of a rotating table pallet wrapper. The rotary arm pallet wrapper allows packaging a palletized load positioned directly on the floor.

Advantages of Using an Automatic Rotary Arm Wrapper

Rotary arm wrappers can be both automatic and semi-automatic.

Both types represent an upgrade from manual pallet wrappers, which not only take more time to perform packaging operations but are also less secure and less efficient.

Those who choose an automatic or semi-automatic rotary arm wrapper for their end-of-line process can rely on a smoother and faster workflow. Once a load is positioned in the center of the machine (whether on the floor or on the wrapping area), nothing else needs to be done: the machine’s mechanical arm rotates and applies the film around the load, from bottom to top, before returning to the starting position.

Automatic or semi-automatic rotary arm wrappers are also equipped with special technologies that allow the correct film layers and tension to be applied to compact the goods and package the load with maximum stability. All of this is done without moving the load during operations, ensuring the safety of operators.

Furthermore, the automatic rotary arm wrapper can be equipped with the pre-stretch function, which pre-stretches the stretch film, using less film and saving on the purchase of film rolls.

In general, automatic pallet wrappers also help reduce labor costs: since the packaging operations occur automatically, fewer operators can be employed, or existing warehouse staff can be allocated to other tasks.

Types of Rotary Arm Wrappers: Which One to Choose?

Earlier, we mentioned that there are different types of rotary arm wrapping machines.

In addition to the aforementioned semi-automatic and automatic solutions, another commonly used type of pallet wrapper is the double rotary arm wrapper. But let’s break it down to better understand in which contexts these different pallet wrapping models are most useful.

  • The automatic rotary arm wrapper is an excellent solution for those looking to optimize warehouse resources. With this machine, no intervention from operators is required: the pallet wrapper does everything, from positioning the load to packaging, up to the final cut and film welding. It is the ideal solution for integration into a completely automated packaging production line;
  • With a semi-automatic rotary arm wrapper, the presence of at least one operator is required: although the pallet wrapper takes care of the packaging, someone needs to position the pallet and operate the machine. In some semi-automatic pallet wrapper models available on the market, operators are even required to cut and weld the film at the end of the packaging process. In any case, a semi-automatic machine is the ideal choice for those looking for a stand-alone solution (one that operates independently of other end-of-line units) to package unstable loads;
  • Double rotary arm wrapper models are pallet wrappers equipped not with one, but two arms that, rotating together around the load, speed up the packaging operations. Being able to extend double the film simultaneously, they allow palletizing times to be halved, making them an excellent solution for high-speed production environments.

Pieri’s Rotary Arm Wrapping Machines

To meet the different needs of warehouses and end-of-line processes, we at Pieri have developed various rotary arm wrapper solutions, from standalone semi-automatic models to innovative automatic double rotary arm pallet wrappers.

SILVER WAVE Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Wrapper

The SILVER WAVE wrapper is our semi-automatic rotary arm machine. With this wrapper, all the operator needs to do is position the palletized load correctly and activate the remote control to start the automatic wrapping cycle of the machine. To facilitate operations, the pallet can be loaded directly into the machine using a forklift.

The SILVER WAVE PRO version is also equipped with a welding clamp unit that allows automatic cutting and welding of the film’s final edge, without any intervention from the operator.

SILVER ONE Rotary Arm Wrapper

SILVER ONE is a rotary arm wrapping machine available in automatic or semi-automatic versions. With a standard cycle, it can package up to 20 unstable loads in an hour, ensuring excellent performance.

The standard equipment for both semi-automatic and fully automatic types includes an automatic film cutting device for wrapping cycle closure.

Additionally, optional features such as motorized pre-stretch carriage, cutting and welding clamp for automatic wrapping cycle closure, and a patented threading clamp can be added. The threading clamp inserts the final edge of the film during the last wrapping turn, preventing film tails from causing load stability issues during transportation.

SILVER TWIN Double Rotary Arm Wrapper

SILVER TWIN is Pieri’s double rotary arm wrapping machine designed to meet high-speed and productivity needs.

The film unwinding speed is controlled by a sensor that constantly adjusts the motor speed, ensuring constant film pressure around the entire perimeter of the load.

The machine is built with a robust steel structure equipped with four supports to guarantee absolute stability at points of maximum stress. Furthermore, it is equipped with 2 motorized pre-stretch carriages (one for each arm) and 2 welding clamp groups for cutting and welding stretch film.

UNICA Series Rotary Arm Wrapper

UNICA is Pieri’s latest line of automatic rotary arm wrapping machines developed for packaging unstable or heavy palletized loads.

This machine stands out with 5 innovative patents that provide customers with high performance and great customization capacity according to their needs.

This innovative automatic pallet wrapper has a different structural design from other rotary arm machines: it features a contoured structure that not only ensures maximum stability but also allows high adaptability to the products to be wrapped. Additionally, its reduced footprint enables installation in any type of layout.

Another innovation is the quick film insertion (Q.F.I), allowing simplified insertion of stretch film into the pre-stretch carriage, optimizing time. Not to be overlooked is the CONTACTLESS SYSTEM for stretch film cutting: a contactless hot wire precisely cuts the film, making the operation even more accurate.

Finally, UNICA allows the integration of a top sheet to provide additional protection against water or dust for the palletized load. In other words, it is a truly “unique” rotary arm wrapper solution to meet all end-of-line needs!