Pieri’s future between innovation and sustainability

The case presented at the “Sole 24 Ore” Innovation Days


On the 27th of  May 2021, Pieri took part in “Innovation days – The factory of the future“, the Digital Roadshow organised by Sole 24 Ore and Confindustria.

This event was created to give voice to all the technological innovations implemented by companies in Italy and to give the opportunity to share the new sustainable models.

Innovation and sustainability are the pillars of the strategies implemented in Pieri, and this is why it took part in the event.

The company has always looked into the future, trying to follow change not only to keep up with the times, but also to anticipate them. Thanks to the innovations implemented, the last aim is to transform itself from a simple supplier of goods to a provider of solutions and services for its customers. 

But in practice, how to implement this change? Here are the futuristic innovations that Pieri presented during the Innovation Days.

1. Immersive reality and the new HI-TECH technicians

Is it possible to guarantee to customers a high quality, efficient and immediate service? This is the question that Pieri has asked itself and this is the starting point for the development of the augmented reality displays, presented during the Innovation Days. 

Augmented reality displays, in fact, are able to make excellent the customer’s experience: they guarantee an immediate, timely and effective assistance that allowed to erase the distance.

No matter how many kilometres separate the customer from Pieri! With the viewers you can virtually follow the technicians step by step, so you can assist them in a more personal way and meet all their needs. 

The immediacy that permits to handle the service request creates countless advantages for the customer. 

For example, the drastic reduction in downtime and production stops. In fact, by connecting remotely, you can virtually eliminate all the hours spent for travelling and reach the customer’s plant.

These viewers are not only useful for servicing. Inside, in fact, there are many video tutorials that provide more specific and detailed information on all the functions of Pieri machines.

2. VR Experience

Customer needs go beyond simple assistance. For example, if a customer are evaluating a new end-of-line solution, is it really enough to present a standard project?

According to Pieri, this is no longer enough for the customer. The company has developed a solution able to present to a customer the concrete project, this is possible thanks to the virtual reality display.

With “VR Experience” it is possible to perfectly recreate a production plant and give the customer the opportunity to view the end-of-line solution. It is no longer necessary to imagine the solution, now you can literally see it with your own eyes.

This new technology presented during the Innovation Days is also useful, for example, at trade fairs. Thanks to visors, it is possible to present any product to an investor or a company, virtually moving minds and people instead of materials.

3. Sustainable strategy

Technological innovation is not the only topic to follow, sustainability is equally important.

Pieri wants to stand out and be part of the improvement of the planet

In concrete terms, the company is right now working on expanding its production area and wants to do it from a green perspective.

First of all, the opportunity has been taken to redesign the layout of the flow of goods and people. In this way, waste can be avoided and each process made more efficient. 

In addition, a further 100 kilowatt photovoltaic system will be installed to provide autonomy in the production of electricity and thus achieve complete autonomy from fossil fuels. The project will also include storage batteries. 

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