Pieri: Top-performance end-of-line solutions

For more than forty years, PIERI has been developing, creating state-of-the-art projects upon innovative criteria, providing new solutions for different needs

Pepsi Cola, Perrier, San Pellegrino, Coca-Cola, Heineken Beer, Sangemini, Damm S.A. Group, San Miguel, Schweppes, Fullers, and Illy Caffè are some but few names that trust PIERI’s know-how to protect their products transported to and consumed the world over.

PIERI has been cherishing your products for 40 years. PIERI studies and designs highly customized end-of-line solutions tailored to your needs.

PIERI is a historic Italian company headquartered in Cesena specializing in the design and production of highly customized lines for wrapping and conveying palletized loads. The company was established in Cesena in 1973 thanks to Sauro Pieri’s determination to develop top-performance, innovative end-of-line solutions that met customers’ space, time and product (and its packaging) requirements.

With this drive, for more than forty years, PIERI has grown and developed, creating state-of-the-art projects upon innovative criteria, providing new solutions for new needs, solving problems in different sectors and offering high-performance products.

The close bond between market demands and new solutions has guided this company throughout its historical and technical growth, as it has evolved from manufacturing semi-automatic wrapping machines to fully automatic systems and integrated turnkey plants.

PIERI offers highly configurable, reliable, versatile and flexible turnkey end-of-line solutions; those are distinguishing features that enable the company to be the right choice for the packaging of your products.

PIERI’s extensive range of wrapping machines meets the many and various requirements of the food sector; The solutions proposed and installed are automatic machines tailored to meet requirements of productivity, space, type of wrapping, and automated storage system.

Starting from low-output turntable Easy Round that is compact and easy to install, right to the complete range of arm wrapping machines (single or double arms with special application of protective corners) and AVR 400 Flexa, the top-of-the-range ring wrapping machine for high outputs.

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