Inauguration of our new headquarters

Friday 8th July 2022 marked a very special day for us at Pieri: the new company headquarters in Pievesestina of Cesena, Via Turati 840, were inaugurated. In its 42-year history, the company has grown and evolved with the market, realizing innovative and cutting-edge projects. Now we are also ready to present our renovated image, thanks to a new, modern office space designed primarily for the well-being of our employees. This event was precisely dedicated to them, their families, their commitment, and their loyalty to the company. The event started at 6 p.m. with the Opening Ceremony, which began with a short presentation by the Chief Executive Officer, Danica Pieri.

Here are her words: “This company is more than our office; it is the place where we spend most of our day, where we work, sweat, cry and laugh. In fact, we call it our home. In the 1980s, my father, Sauro Pieri, founded the company from the world of horticulture. Then came his intuition: the machines he had in mind could be used in many sectors, not just horticulture, and the netting used at the time could be replaced with stretch film. Since then, the business simply took off. In just a few years, Pieri became one of the market leaders and that is how my father left the company to me when he passed away in 1987. If I look back now, a lot has happened in these 42 years since my father’s first idea.” Danica Pieri then personally introduced Roberto Salemme, the Global C.E.O. of Cyklop Group, of which Pieri is now a member. Here are her words about the union of our companies: “Today Pieri is officially part of the Cyklop Group, a multinational company with 110 years of experience. This is an important and organic development from many perspectives. Our union allows our customers to meet any packaging, industrial packaging, machineries, and process requirements. We have embarked on this journey at a time of global uncertainty, but strongly believing our skills can together become a cornerstone of the industry and be the driving force behind new opportunities.” This was followed by the speech and ribbon-cutting ceremony by Enzo Lattuca, Mayor of Cesena and President of the Province of Forlì Cesena.

In addition to the mayor of the city, illustrious guests included Luca Ferrini, Councillor for Economic Development, Legality and Security of the Municipality of Cesena, Massimo Cicognani, President of the Cesena Campus of the University of Bologna, Marco Chimenti, General Manager of Confindustria Romagna, Massimo Ferrante, Coordinator of Confindustria Forlì Cesena, and Riccardo Cavanna, President of UCIMA (Union of Italian Manufacturers of Automatic Machines). The evening continued with a visit to the new offices, the production area, and ended in a happy convivial moment with live music.