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End-of-line solutions. Why automation is the key success factor?

End-of-line solutions represent a strategic and crucial choice to enhance corporate competitiveness.

Several benefits will be achieved with an automated warehouse management, reduced operating costs, improved service performance and greater efficiency within the whole department.

Following you can see some activities that you should consider which are essential to increase your productivity and avoid complications on your products.

9 advantages to consider an automatic line

As mentioned above, an automatic end-of-line solution may benefit in a number of ways. Below is a summary of the main advantages.

  • Product stability on pallets
    Automatic wrapping machine guarantees product stability on pallets. In fact, stability is a key feature during handling and shipment.
  • Product protection from damage, dust and damp
    The protection of your product can be guaranteed by a wrapping machine in your end-of-line solutions. This allows preventing damage, dust and damping on your products.
  • Reduced film cost and consumption
    Compared to manual wrapping, automatic stretch wrappers reduce the consumption of stretch film used for protect and stabilize your products.
  • Time-saving
    The automatic end-of-line solution will let you save a lot of time in terms of operations and you can invest operators in a different tasks.
    Manual wrapping of pallets is a time-consuming job. Why not to consider an automatic wrapping machine?
  • High-performance level of wrapping cycle
    Automatic wrapping machine guarantees steadiness and efficiency during the wrapping cycle, which would not be achieved with a manual wrapper.
  • Increasing productivity
    Automatic end-of-line solution allows increasing productivity and requesting less human interventions.
  • High-speed packaging
    Adding an automatic wrapping machine on your plant will reduce the packaging process in terms of time, operators and consumption of the film. Which is the result? A faster and secure protection of your products.
  • Higher level of safety
    Automatic wrapper requires little intervention of the operators and guarantees constant and safe wrapping.
  • Improved inventory management
    Stack similar products together makes warehouse management easier.

Pieri srl: 40 years of Made in Italy

Pieri is a renowned Italian company, specializing in designing and production of highly customised end of line solutions for palletized loads.

The company was founded in Cesena in 1973 by Sauro Pieri who firmly committed to providing excellent end-of-line solutions that would be innovative and fully oriented to the customer’s space, time, product and packaging requirements.

Over the past 40 years, such impetus has driven the company to grow and evolve within the market, by developing state-of-the-art projects designed on innovative criteria. It provides innovative solutions for new requirements. It delivers opportunities for higher performance by addressing the critical factors of each sector.

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