Automatic VS manual pallet wrapper: which should you choose?

Is it time to change your old manual wrapper?
It’s working fine, it almost seems to be functioning reasonably well again, and although it has no particular problems, you feel the time has come to buy a new one.

You should know that buying a new automatic pallet wrapper will give you some advantages that can dramatically increase your organisation’s productivity.

Reduced labour costs, combined with less film waste and better safety are the main reasons why you should change your old manual wrapper to a cutting-edge model.

Find out why by continuing reading.

Automatic pallet wrappers: why buy one?

Depending on the age of your old manual wrapping machine, there may have been numerous steps of progress in the field of safety that can give it greater reliability: this is the first reason why you should upgrade your equipment and buy an automatic pallet wrapper.

Some manual pallet wrappers have exposed wires or parts that could hurt or injure someone.
On the other hand, most modern wrapping machines are extremely safe, some stop wrapping automatically if the film breaks, thus preventing the operator from reconnecting it while the machine is running, thus avoiding unpleasant consequences.

Another advantage of having an automatic pallet wrapper is the pre-stretch function that the classic manual wrapper doesn’t have.

This allows you to pre-stretch the wrapping film, an aspect that allows you to use less film; if you manually wrap 100 pallets with a roll of film, with an automatic pallet wrapper you can wrap from 200 to 300, even saving film, thanks to the aforementioned pre-stretch function.

This money-saving can allow you to allocate financial resources to other business projects.

In addition to this, every company can use this machine to reduce its costs of manpower: a manual pallet wrapper requires numerous operators to be up and running.

With an automatic pallet wrapper you can save on labour costs since the automation will take place independently, allowing operators to be assigned to activities that require critical thinking.

Automatic pallet wrappers: the main advantages for goods

An automatic pallet wrapper helps you pack packages, boxes and containers that must be stored and then transported to their destination.

All your products wrapped automatically using stretch film will have the following characteristics:

  • Protection against damage, dust and moisture. By using an automatic pallet wrapper you will ensure your goods are protected from dirt, dust and moisture.
  • Safer. An automatic pallet winder will mean the operator stays on the forklift which is an additional safety feature. Certain surveys reveal that 20% of all accidents involve people walking on the warehouse floor. In addition, the manual pallet wrapper causes wear injuries while the automatic one protects your employees.
  • More efficient product wrapping. A manual pallet wrapper does not guarantee uniform packaging. In fact, variations in the tract and in the efficiency of the packaging would be such as to obtain an approximate packing.
  • The packaging will be made with a considerable saving of time. Thanks to an automatic pallet winder you will save a lot of time because you can count a fast and reliable machine, able to speed up the packaging process drastically. The manual wrapper saves your operator from the tedious and repetitive, also very time-consuming work and increases their productivity in the company because you can allocate them, as already said, to other activities.

Automatic reel Pieri pallets: Made in Italy quality

Discover the full range of Pieri wrapping machines, characterised by great reliability, safety and innovation.

Thanks to use of cutting-edge technology and the proven experience of the team, our pallet wrapping machines are designed to pass every test.

Over 4,000 customers have purchased our products since 1973, from leaders in the food and beverage sector, paper multinationals, important industries in the logistics sector and international brands in the pharmaceutical world.

Each machine is characterised by the robustness of the materials, state-of-the-art components and tests carried out both during construction, delivery and installation.

We produce four types of machinery:

  • Ring wrappers,
  • Arm wrappers,
  • Table wrappers,
  • Handling systems.

These machines are also covered by an effective after-sales service, as well as by a spare-parts management service.

Pieri: 4 product families, 15 machine models: all solutions for “maximum protection”!

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